Tattoo Balm – Sunblock 30gr


The same features as Balm Tattoo Original (by Panthenol 5% and Sepitonic M3).
Extremely high sun protection factor (SPF 75). The self-protection time of the skin against UVA and UVB radiation is prolonged 75 times.
Due to an EU directive, for sun creams with an SPF of more than 50, only «SPF 50+» can be printed on the product / packaging.
Official tests confirm the SPF 75 for Balm Tattoo Sunblock 75.
Without sunscreen, UV radiation penetrates the areas of the skin where the tattoo ink is located and, therefore, gradually destroys the colored particles. As a result, a tattoo without UV protection fades faster and faster over time and loses its sharpness.
Unlike other sunscreens, it does not leave a white veil on the skin, but it makes the tattoo inks even brighter.
Very pleasant, summery-fruity aroma.

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