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How To Find The Best Tattoo Artist To Do A Tattoo

Even though you have a great idea for a tattoo lined up, the last result will always depend on the tattoo artist. They are responsible for bringing your tattoo to life and getting it right to the tiniest detail possible. Therefore, finding the best artist to do a tattoo needs to be on top of your checklist when getting inked.

We’ve all seen our fair share of bad tattoos. May it be a stranger or a friend, a bad tattoo stands out like a sore thumb. And sometimes you just can’t help but feel sorry for them, as you know they are stuck with it.

A tattoo done well brings about peace of mind and a sense of fulfillment. And the easiest way to achieve this is by placing yourself in capable hands. But how do you find the best artist to do a tattoo? Well, it all boils down to research. And how we do this “research” is exactly what we will cover in this read.

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Recommendations And Reviews

One of the best ways of narrowing down good tattoo artists is through recommendations, especially by trusted friends. Recommendations are, most often than not, a result of experiences. So a person recommending an artist means they received a satisfying service. A recommendation, however, is not enough to make a final decision. This is because the artist, although doing an outstanding job for your friend, might not be able to handle your project.

Once you are done making a list of tattoo artists through recommendations, you can then move on to finding more artists by reviews. Reviews offer valuable insight into any service, and a tattoo business is no different. True, reviews can be faked, but focusing on artists with a good number of reviews will help you avoid scams. Further, it will also prove that the artist in question has experience.

Today most tattoo artists have an online presence as well. So, finding reviews is just a few keystrokes away. 

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Work Portfolio

Let an artist’s work do all the talking. While reviews help to select talented artists, a work portfolio will help narrow down the list of candidates even further. When looking at samples, keep an eye open for the following details:-

Consistency- The samples you check need to have consistency. Every image needs to be of excellent quality. You can not have some tattoos looking like masterpieces while the rest look like the work of a novice. This will only cause your very own tattoo to be a coin flip. Either it’s going to turn out great or it’s going to be a total flop.

The lines- The lines of a tattoo tell a lot about an artist. An experienced and talented tattoo artist will always have solid and well-defined lines with no breaks. They will look like they were done in a single stroke, blending beautifully with the overall image.

Colors- The next big thing is the colors and shading. Look at how the colors are distributed throughout the tattoo. Do they feel weird? How well do they shift from light tones to darker tones? These are a few questions you need to ask yourself when looking at tattoo samples.

Luckily, with the majority of the tattoo businesses being online, it’s not that hard to get a hold of an artist’s portfolio. Some have it on display for everyone to see, while you might have to contact others for theirs. It’s quite a burden-free process and will give you loads of tattoo ideas as well.

You can have a look at our portfolio on our website. And if you like what you see, you can always contact us for free.

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The Studio

Last but not least is the tattoo studio. Hygiene should always be a concern unless you want to get an infected tattoo. So, we suggest you scout out the artists’ studio before making any transactions. The state of the tattoo studio will tell you how well an artist respects their business and how well they will treat you.

If the tattoo studio you select is within driving, we suggest you head over before placing any orders. If you are lucky, you might even strike up a conversation if he or she is free. Communicating is very important. You’ll understand if the artist is legit, and also if they mean the best for you.

Following these steps ought to help you find the best tattoo artist for your project. Always remember, a tattoo is only as good as its artist. So, take your time and never rush to find the right tattoo artist for you.

And never but never put the price of a tattoo over quality, as we say in our studio, quality comes first.

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