How To Find The Best Idea For A Tattoo

person with black tattoo on left hand

How To Find The Best Idea For A Tattoo Finding the best idea for a tattoo is a daunting task. Most people try to find a design they resonate with and end up spending hours browsing through all the options to no avail. From the design to the tattoo artist, there’s a lot to look [...]

How To Take Care Of A Tattoo

How To Take Care Of A Tattoo Getting your first tattoo is an exhilarating experience. It fills your heart with joy and a sense of accomplishment that mere words can not describe. Sadly, this happiness is short-lived by most people just because they are not up for what comes next, which is taking care of [...]

The History Of Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for centuries. Unbeknownst to many, it has a rich and fascinating history spread across many cultures. Contributing different styles and tools to the art, these cultures are the foundation of today’s tattoo scene. True, most aspects of the craft have changed, but you still see hints of the past in recent [...]