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Entre Lagos Tattoo & Art gallery

Whether you’re a tattoo artist or one of our clients, entre lagos tattoo studio provides a relaxed, comfortable space for people looking for an alternative to the traditional tattoo parlor environment.  

we are a tattoo shop located in the heart of interlaken, switzerland promoting good Quality tattoos with custom art and high standards and materials.

We have twelve years of experience in the tattoo industry both nationally and internationally which allows us to provide a high quality service for all our clients.

our little shop has served clients from around the world & surpassed any and all expectations.

we open our shop in the 11 Marz 2017 with the vision of giving the best product in a unique piece of art in every tattoo we made, and giving to our customers a personalized attention to create their ideas.

our goal has stayed the same: Create a space where everyone can feel comfortable getting a tattoo, in a chill vibes environment.

our artist love to get involved in every customer new idea and give the best result.

we enjoy putting  love ,soul and heart in every  tattoo project,in our shop we believe in bringing our customers ideas into life.

Working hand in hand with our clients becomes a priority to develop each idea, in an artistic way with the client’s demands.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas and look forward to working with you!

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