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we are a tattoo studio located in the heart of Interlaken Switzerland promoting good Quality tattoos with custom art, high standards and high quality materials .

come to entre lagos tattoo if you are looking to start your new tattoo project , but don’t know how to start! let us work with you and make that new idea or project come true .

we have the tools ,knowledge and twelve years of  experience in the tattoo industry with us .

let’s make your ideas come true !


   Entre Lagos Tattoo & Art Gallery

entre lagos tattoo interlaken

entre lagos tattoo It is a space open to art, good taste and the interpretation of ideas,Located in one of the main avenues of interlaken, we have a place where the comfort of our clients and tattooists prevails, and where our motto is quality rather than quantity .

Ink fans. If you are here it is because you are too. So get comfortable and enjoy our page where you can find, the biography of our artists, our tattoo gallery and a little history about our store.

We are specialists in this. We like it and it shows in all the works we have done, we really believe that any idea that comes to our hands can be transformed into a true work of art on your skin.

A memory, an emotion, a way of transmitting. Our tattoos are the visible mirror of your inner strength.

in entre lagos tattoo great tattooists work, but especially people who love what they do, they put their soul life and heart in each tattoo project,You can come by our studio or write to us without obligation, we will be happy to assist you and explain how we work and make an appointment.

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tattoo interlaken

for more info about interlaken , can visit :https://www.interlaken.ch/

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Tattoo Artist


jairo ramírez tattoo artist entre lagos tattoo


Jairo Ramirez

in the relaxed and beautiful town of interlaken ,canton bern switzerland you’ll find Jairo Ramirez tattoo artist from San Jose Costa Rica .

making tattoos and spreading his chill vibes in the best style like costa rica people can do .

jairo spend the last 12 years absorbing all he can about this crazy industry we all love so much .

He faced these challenges and learned and grew through them ,now he specialize his work in black and grey tattoos but he easily can work in different tattoo styles.

inspired by greats artists it’s no wonder jairo never loses his passion for learning.He looks to further his knowledge of black and grey tattoos and make his presence known on the tattoo convention circuit in countries like costa rica his mother land , panama , and switzerland where he recently had the fortune of winning a first place in the category of tattoo in free hand, which shows the love and dedication with which he performs his work

jairo spend most of the time tattooing but he is always trying to look for extra time doing some unique art in different media styles like charcoal, aquarel, and graphite all this to upgrade he’s art appreciation and bring the knowledge into tattooing.

  jairo focus and His attention to detail and full commitment to each individual client is refreshing. if your in the area and looking for some ink and a laid back atmosphere check jairo out at his studio Entre lagos tattoo & art gallery located in centralsstrase 42 interlaken switzerland. 

some tattoo media appearance

he is always happy to show with you all the international media appearance of his tattoo work.

here we provide some links to all media main pages




for more info about interlaken, can visit: https://www.interlaken.ch/

interlaken tattoo jairo ramirez


tattoo interlaken

Here you can see our tattoo gallery of works, in which we have selected some of our best projects with 100% original ideas.

Our work and effort is focused on solving the ideas of our clients turning them into true works of art on the skin, we always try to listen to all the concerns of our clients and elaborate the best ideas and work together.

All this in order to achieve with our knowledge and skills a tattoo of which you will always be proud to wear on your body.

For our artists it is always more than valuable to work hand in hand with you and together develop your tattoos.

We always take the necessary time to develop each idea, which we will then translate into your skin, for us it is more important to focus our work more on quality than quantity.

and always using the highest quality materials in the market since this added to a good ability when it comes to tattooing always results in incredible jobs.

We hope you enjoy our gallery and once again be welcome on our site thanks for watching.

let your ideas in our hands, we made your tattoo come true!

tattoo interlaken



We want you to feel comfortable.

that’s why we work with the best materials on the market, from tattoo machines to approved inks, sterilized and disposable materials.

and all the necessary cleaning to guarantee your and our safety.

in Entre lagos Tattoo we have twelve years of experience and time in the tattoo industry, and we put all that at your service.

If you want quality, professionalism, a lot, but that much art and a unique experience, Entre Lagos Tattoo is your place.

you can see our artist bio on this link: artist

for more info about the city please visit this link :https://www.interlaken.ch/

entre lagos tattoo interlaken


send us your inquiry

contact the tattoo studio

our studio is located in the heart of interlaken 

centralstrasse 42 ,3800 interlaken switzerland

best way to get in contact with us is :

for a faster response, contact us direct via whatsapp:(+41)  079 448 35 83

or direct to this email: jairoramirezart@gmail.com

Entre lagos tattoo interlaken

Entre lagos Tattoo & Art Gallery

in every project we made, we are giving to our customers a personalized attention to create their ideas.

let your tattoos ideas come true with us !


there are three ways to make an appointment. You can either stop by the shop, send an email, or give us a call at 079 448 35 83. If you’re sending us an email please be sure to include the size, placement, description of your design, and any reference material you may have, as well as a preferred day of the week for your appointment. Please be aware that weekend appointments are the most sought after. If you are interested in a cover-up or rework of an existing tattoo please include a picture of that as well.

Within our store you can find all the products related to the care for your tattoo , piercing jewelry with the most new designs and best material for the body .

Our clients also have the possibility of making their payments in cash or with a credit or debit card.

take note that the shop is close one hour at 12pm for the lunch break and start again at 1pm .

if you have some more questions, here is one link were all more common questions are : FAQ

business hours

Monday: 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Sunday closed

for more info about the city of interlaken , you can visit this link :https://www.interlaken.ch/

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About us

Tattoo studio

Entre Lagos Tattoo & Art gallery

Whether you’re a tattoo artist or one of our clients, entre lagos tattoo studio provides a relaxed, comfortable space for people looking for an alternative to the traditional tattoo parlor environment.  

we are a tattoo shop located in the heart of interlaken, switzerland promoting good Quality tattoos with custom art and high standards and materials.

We have twelve years of experience in the tattoo industry both nationally and internationally which allows us to provide a high quality service for all our clients.

our little shop has served clients from around the world & surpassed any and all expectations.

we open our shop in the 11 Marz 2017 with the vision of giving the best product in a unique piece of art in every tattoo we made, and giving to our customers a personalized attention to create their ideas.

our goal has stayed the same: Create a space where everyone can feel comfortable getting a tattoo, in a chill vibes environment.

our artist love to get involved in every customer new idea and give the best result.

we enjoy putting  love ,soul and heart in every  tattoo project,in our shop we believe in bringing our customers ideas into life.

Working hand in hand with our clients becomes a priority to develop each idea, in an artistic way with the client’s demands.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas and look forward to working with you!

tattoo studio interlaken